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Understanding how our students learn best is why our students are so successful! Teachers often use THEIR preferred learning style as their main mode of teaching. If students do not share those same preferences,  learning can become very difficult. We offer customized tutoring that is solely based on your student so their learning is NO longer difficult!

Does you student have a hard time understanding their coursework? Is your student in a traditional school setting that does not offer 1 on 1 attention? Has your student fallen behind this semester? Is there a problem area for your student that's holding them back? Regardless of what may be limiting your student's success and progression in school, we can help!

We offer all new students a free evaluation that gives us, and your family, an idea of how your student learns best. From there, we take the student's interests, hobbies, lifestyle and learning style to pair them with a tutor that is best suited from them. Believe it or not, learning is affected by the student's overall learning experience. We take that into account when selecting a tutor for your child.

We  offer Tutoring Services for the following:

  • Kindergarten (Phonics, Reading and Writing)
  • ALL SUBJECTS for 1st-12th grade
  • Students affected by ADD and ADHD
  • Students affected by test anxiety
  • Students affected by apraxia
  • Nursing Students
  • Medical Student

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